Fathers Day Inspirational Poems

Someone Special
Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2011

I read a quote today,
It's one that made to glad.
It says that anyone can be a father,
But only someone special can be a dad.

How true this quote could be,
My dad is living proof.
There are many fathers out there,
But some are really such big goofs.

I am lucky to have living proof,
That dads are someone special.
I have a dad who's great,
And for me, right out essential.

Without him I'd wouldn't be me,
He's my rock and this I see.
I wish all dads were like him,
But am so glad he was brought to me.

Dad's Advice and Wisdom
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2018

I remember your words Dad,
Advice you always had:

Laugh and be happy, life is short
And play fair and always be a good sport.
Follow your dreams
And always remember failure is not what it seems.

Forgive and forget, don't hold a grudge
Remember it is only God who will judge.
Have a positive attitude in all you do
And success will always find you.

Be honest and kind
You will make people smile you will find.
Be determined and persevere,
Don't give in to your fears.

Thank you Dad for your wise advice
When I count my blessings I count you twice!

Just Like His Dad
Poet: Unknown

Well, what are you going to be, my boy, when you have reached manhoodís years;
A doctor, a lawyer, or actor great, moving throngs to laughter and tears?
But he shook his head, as he gave reply, In a serious way he had,
"I don't think I'd care to be any of them; I want to be like my dad!"

He wants to be like his dad! You men, did you ever think, as you pause,
That the boy who watches your every move is building a set of laws?
He's molding a life you're the model for, and whether it's good or bad,
Depends on the kind of example set to the boy who'd be like his dad.

Would you have him go everywhere you go? Have him do just the things you do?
And see everything that your eyes behold, and woo all the gods you woo?
When you see the worship that shines in the eyes of your lovable little lad,
Could you rest content if he gets his wish, and grows to be like his dad?

It's a job that none but yourself can fill, itís a charge you must answer for;
It's a duty to show him the road to tread, ere he reaches his manhood's door.
It's a debt you owe for the greatest joy on this old earth to be had;
This pleasure of having a boy to raise, who wants to be like his dad!

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