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Christian Poems

God Is Love
Poet: John McLeod, (c) 1982

Trembling on my bough of indecision
No way seemed clear and safe to step upon,
I found no answer to my fevered questing
No rack to base my fumbling reasoning on.
And then I heard the soft words of another
That deep within I'd never sensed before,
Saying: God is Love, and Love is understanding,
And Faith the key that opens every door!

Thus, suddenly I was no longer wary
And taking new found courage from each word
I strode forth finding light to cheer and guide me
And all my fears seemed groundless and absurd,
This then is realization of His wisdom,
His Truth that will abide for evermore,
For God is Love, and Love is understanding,
And Faith the key that opens ever door!

The Sparrow's Fall

Poet: John McLeod, (c)

The sparrow's fall
Is seen by God above
For He sees all
For all within His love
And caring
Are protected, kept from harm
In sharing of the life-force
Brightly warm.

The sparrow's fall
Personifies our way
For we, like sparrows, fall
Each earth-bound day;
In truth, believe He cares
Though time grows still,
You pain He quietly shares
And ever will.

Short Quotes

God created us with free will - we can choose to obey and follow Him. If our Father gave us no choice, we would be mere robots, unable to truly respond, love, and worship.
Charles Stanley

Think of the purest, highest, most ecstatic joy on earth, multiply it a thousand times, and you'll get a fleeting glimpse of heaven's euphoria.
Greg Laurie

If we live life with no problems, we take our eyes off things that are eternal. Knowing our loved ones are awaiting us in heaven keeps us focused on the future.
Dr. David Jeremiah

Sometimes the Lord will lead us differently from where we would like to go. But what we must come to recognize is that the will of God is perfect, and we should never be afraid of it.
Greg Laurie

If you are a Christian, you are not a citizen of this world trying to get to heaven; you are a citizen of heaven making your way through this world.
Vance Havner

God wants to make us big enough to admire Him with wonder and delight.
A. W. Tozer

What is happiness and unhappiness? It depends so little on circumstances; it depends really only on that which happens inside a person.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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