What Is Love

A question that is often asked, what is love. Read these short poems written by . Verses expressing thoughts about what love is all about.

Short Love Poems
What Is Love
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

What is love, really?
Is it good manners, great body, nice hair?
No I think that's not love but infatuation.
But it's still nice to take a very long glare.

Is love something you know?
Do you feel it right from the start?
I wish I could tell what I'm feeling,
So hard to know what's right for the heart.

Love or infatuation - sometimes it is so hard to tell. Love hits us when we least expect it and then we wonder is it love. The verses in these short poems are questioning this very point.

Am I In Love?
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

I have a person in my life,
And I adore him so very much,
But I wonder what I'm feeling, is something that should make me squealing,
I think that he may have me in his clutch.

Am I really in love?
Is that possible and ever so true?
I hope to learn the answer, when I dine with him later,
I wonder if he loves me too?

With What Love
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

What is it about love, that makes it so sweet?
Its so hard not to unravel the the wrapper.
It comes in so hard, and sometimes too strong,
You feel like it couldn’t have gotten here faster.

We love to be loved, but sometimes we kind of,
Want to take things very slow.
Love comes with some heartache, and we all can’t for sure take,
Risks that we’ve once done long ago.

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