Bumpy Road Called Life

Poet Julie Hebert, ©2015

It seems to me the road called life,
Is a windy, bumpy road.
It's not easy like told in fairytales,
Life can’t be changed by kissing a toad.

Instead we must weigh the odds,
About every decision we make.
We worry we’ll make the wrong choice,
And not know which way to take.

Although life’s road may have many crossroads,
We just have to trust in God and instinct.
Life may be a constant question mark,
But if you listen you may hear yourself.

You are the one who knows You,
And the God given gifts that inspire you.
No matter the fear or the conflict,
If you listen, life will fit like a shoe.

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To be proactive means to plan. Life is easier when you plan ahead.
Sal Severe, Ph.D.

To break a habit, you need to determine what the payoff is.
Melissa Perry Moraja

Entertain possibility and soar as high as humanly possible. The greatest tragedy in life, truly is a life not fully lived.
Shevaun Voisin

Plans don't just fall into place because we make them.
Kennedth Dino, The 12 Commandments: A Guide For Entrepreneurs

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