The words of this creed could be interpreted as a short poem, as the verses express what all Christian mothers would agree upon. We hope you find this poetry written by Ozora Davis inspiring.

A Mothers Creed

Ozora Davis

I believe in the
eternal importance of the home
as the fundamental institution of society.

I believe in the
immeasurable possibilities
of every boy and girl.

I believe in the
imagination,the trust, the hopes
and ideals which dwell in the hearts of all children.

I believe in the
beauty of nature, of art,
of books, and of friendship.

I believe in the
satisfactions of duty.

I believe in the
little homely joys
of everyday life.

I believe in the
goodness of the great design
which lies behind our complex world.

I believe in the
safety and peace which surround
us all through the overbrooding love of God.

Greta Zwaan, 2009

In the depth of nightfall when all is dark and still,
When birds have ceased their singing, night creatures roam at will;
When sight has lost its focus, when eerie sounds occur,
When work is turned to slumber and dreams begin to stir,

When life takes on new meaning, sub-conscience is in charge,
Our lives take new directions, we're free to delve at large.
We travel in the future, we rush back in the past,
We fly like hawks or eagles; our scope is wide and vast.

But morning breaks upon us, our dreams have sped away,
We ponder o'er their meaning, what do dreams really say?
Do they convey a message? Do they produce a plan?
Is it a way to guide us as we live out life's span?

Or is it mere obsession, our thoughts out of control,
Not by design or meaning, just useless on the whole?
We emphasize their virtues, we tally up their score,
Yet dreams are fleeting moments that we can't answer for.

It's in our daylight hours that minds achieve their best,
And even under pressure they'll pass the strictest test.
Minds are a golden treasure, unlimited resource;
A great expanse of knowledge, a strong and vital force.

If used for good, a blessing, a light, a shining ray;
To reach into the darkness, to turn night into day.
Perhaps dreams are adventures experienced in our mind,
That leave when we awaken, their message undefined.

We cannot delve too deeply, we must let some things rest,
The mind has been creative, perhaps a bit obsessed.
Dreams will be dreams, whatever; don't always analyze,
Let nighttime bring you slumber, let dreams be a surprise.

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