Mother Daughter Bond

Their is a special bond between a mother and daughter. This short poem reflects the thoughts of a daughter and the relationship with her mother. We hope you enjoy the verses.

Mother Daughter Bond
Poet: Ann Jewels, (c) 2011

Together and forever,
We will always be.
Mother and daughter,
You and me.

The love that we share,
Is a very strong bond.
No one can break it,
Unless neither one of us responds.

So let's be true,
To each other and be.
The one person that will be there,
No matter who needs the tea.

Our bond will stay strong,
As long as we hold on.
So let us remember this now
, And we will never be gone.

My mom is the one I love best.
My mom isn't like the rest.
She's funny and she's pretty.
She's kind and she's witty.
I love you! You are the sweetest!
A Daughters Thoughts
from Daughter Quotes About Mothers

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