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Hospitality quotes apply not just to the hospitality industry but are relevant to our everyday lives be that at work or at home. The real question that is answered within the various writings and opinions of the author's quotations is that hospitality is not simply a word that applies to hotels or restaurants but, instead, has its' meaning within the way we treat other people.

If we treat people we meet with a sultry attitude, a body language that says we cannot wait for you to leave, we are guilty of less than stellar hospitality. We also learn from various musings of those at the forefront of the "hospitality industry" that our increasingly global community brings even more challenges. And, unlike a manufacturing business that produces a product, hospitality, i.e. how it is delivered to a guest, is the product with everything else becoming secondary. We hope that all of these writings will serve to highlight what is and what isn't hospitality.

  1. Service comes from a manual; hospitality comes from the heart.
    Kirk Kinsell
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  2. Before you can give of yourself to others you must know what of yourself you have to give.
    Amy Sedaris, I Like You
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  3. One of the interesting aspects of the hospitality industry is our increasing globalism, which brings even greater diversity and cultural nuances to our places of work.
    John R. Walker, Exploring the Hospitality Industry
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  4. Hospitality, at its core, is about relationships, and every employee at every company has the ability to utter those responses.
    Stephen J. Cloobeck, Checking In
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  5. Hospitality is the marrow of community, the life source that produces the very cells our collective humanity needs to function.
    Leslie Verner, Invited
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  6. It is my opinion that Yoopers are some of the most hospitable, generous, and overall kindhearted people on earth.
    Adam Reed, Yooper Hospitality - "Northern Nice" in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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  7. Sooner or later, we’re all in the hospitality business.
    Seth Godin
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  8. The hospitality industry, especially private clubs, are in a time of tremendous transition as they face immense challenges to the traditional way of doing things.
    F. H. Benzakour, 12 Golden Keys To Hospitality Excellence
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  9. Although every organization wants an effective staff, the hospitality organization depends almost completely upon its personnel to deliver the high- quality guest experience
    Robert C. Ford, Managing Hospitality Organizations
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  10. People invest their time and money in businesses and services that make them feel seen, cared for, and connected—especially... in the hospitality industry.
    Brandon W. Johnson, Hospitality from the Heart
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  11. Tourism is the business of hospitality and travel. Whether we are travelers or we are serving travelers’ needs, this exciting and demanding group of visitor services industries touches all of our lives.
    Roy A. Cook, Tourism
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  12. The spirit of hospitality is caught, not taught. There’s no such thing as turning on the hospitality. You either own it and walk in it, or you don’t.
    Larry Stuart, The Spirit of Hospitality
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  13. The characteristic of inseparability requires hospitality managers to manage both their employees and their customers.
    Phil Kotler, Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
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  14. I’m not sure most churches—or businesses, for that matter—pay close enough attention to the power of hospitality in ministry and business.
    Tyler Reagin
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  15. No matter how over-the-top your service, if it doesn’t connect with the emotions of the guest, it isn’t hospitality. Hospitality is about the feeling.
    Jason Young, The Come Back Effect
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  16. To achieve and sustain success in hospitality, we must keep pace with changing guests and their changing expectations.
    Herve Humler
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  17. Hospitality doesn't exist except through the actions of the heart, with care and with genuine expressive action.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  18. ... the psychological realities of a guest’s life can be weighing heavily on their perception of the goods and services you’re providing. And it’s a situation where true service—hospitality—can shine.
    Micah Solomon, The Heart of Hospitality
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  19. Tragically, most Christians today neglect the ministry of hospitality.
    Alexander Strauch, The Hospitality Commands
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  20. In the hospitality industry, almost everything depends on the physical labor of many hourly (or nonmanagerial) workers ... These employees make the products and they please the guests—or drive them away!
    John R. Walker, Introduction to Hospitality
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  21. ... we rely on the intuitive hospitality and friendliness of our outstanding cast to make each guest feel like we have designed the place just for them.
    Tom Staggs, The Disney Institute, Be Our Guest
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  22. When we read God's Word, there is a resounding theme when it comes to hospitality. Those who practice this ministry will not only be a blessing to others, but they too shall be blessed.
    Donna Morley
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  23. If any phrase characterizes the hospitality and tourism industry today it would probably be “constantly changing."
    Tom Powers, Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry
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  24. I’ve learned how crucially important it is to put hospitality to work, first for the people who work for me and subsequently for all the other people and stakeholders who are in any way affected by our business—in descending order, our guests, community, suppliers, and investors.
    Danny Meyer, Setting the Table
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