A Wonderful Mother

There are some words to describe mother - especially a wonderful Mother. Read this collection of poems written by Poet, . The verses here describe many feelings of what a mother is, but what come through loud and clear is the love and respect for Mom.

Enjoy these short Mothers Day poems, not just on Mothers Day, but through out the years send a poem to thank your Mom for being who she is. Thank her, let her know you are thinking of her. Share our poems on Mother with her.

My Inspiration
Poet: Julie Hebert

To my mother, my inspiration,
How do I adore you.
You've never gone, always held on,
Kept our family together like glue.

We've had our ups, our downs too,
But we've always come out in the end.
My relationship with you, has pretty much been great too,
And you've always been like a friend.

I one day hope to be a mother like you,
One who will always be counted on.
They will always know, that I will never go,
And I will always be ready for their opinion.

So I'd like to say, at the end of the day,
Thanks for being so great.
I've learned so much, and will always be such,
A good person with all of your traits.
~ ~ ~ ~
A Mothers Love
"A mother's love is like a rose - each passing day it grows and grows."

You're My Mom
Poet: Julie Hebert

I've watched you,
Hear you,
learn't from you
Want to be you.

Loved you,
Hugged you,
Kissed you,
Always missed you.

Never hurt you,
Never wanted to,
Be away from you,
Cause you're you.

Your love,
Your hugs,
Your kisses
Your misses,
Have made me out to be the person I am today.
~ ~ ~ ~
A Mothers Heart
"A mother's heart is a special place where children have a home."

Someone Special
Poet: Julie Hebert

To me you'll alway be,
Someone special to me.

Someone who'd come on home,
So I wouldn't have to be alone.

I always had what I need,
I never had to plead.

You were always on my side,
And did so with great pride.
~ ~ ~ ~
"Mother - You fill our lives with love beyond measure. We love you so much you are a treasure."

Mothers Have Many Names
Poet: Julie Hebert

A mom has many names,
At first it starts with mama.
This stage of life is wonderful,
But is full of lots of drama.

Then shortly after that,
Mama becomes mommy.
This is when life gets real busy,
And we become very chummy.

When mommy is replaced,
Maturity is usually why.
Teenages donít call mommy,
But Mom when their nearby.

Mother is also used,
When getting the point across.
Its the same as us using middle names,
When we're telling them who's the boss.

And Maaaa will be use quite often,
When sucking up is a need.
Money here, a drive there,
Is often wanted with speed.

But which ever name you are called,
Mommy, mom, mama, maaa or mother.
Know they all have the same meaning,
And they wouldn't trade you for any other.
Children and Mothers
"Children and mothers never truly part . . . bound in the beating of each other's heart. "

There are many great sayings and mother quotes that you may want to share with your Mother. One of our favorites is a Proverb, God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers." In an email or in a card send your Mother a thought of appreciation or a short poem, today!

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