But is This The Good Life

Reading the inspirational verses you will see the poets decision on what she felt the good life is. We all face choices in life, and with choices come consquences But, the good life in this poets mind, is one with time for the things that are important to her in life.

Poems about Life

But is This The Good Life?

I bought what I wanted,
whether I needed it or not.
Whether I had the money or not.
Oh, credit cards the wonder of our time.
I ended up with material things I could ever want.
But is this the good life?

I worked 12 hour days,
Plus traveling time of 2 hours a day,
I often worked nights and weekends
I had a high paying job.
But is this the good life?

There was no time for family or friends,
On the weekends I caught up on my sleep,
Baking, cooking, cleaning, I had someone else do that.
But is this the good life?

I was stressed out most of the time,
But, we went on holidays,
We had the two cars,
And the cottage and the house.
But is this the good life?

The answer - not for me!
So I set my goals.
I quit my job,
Moved to the country,
Set up our own craft business,
Have time for my family and friends,
Enjoy my own cooking,
Simplified my life.
This is the good life!

Quotes about Life

"Good things happen to people who do good things." Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide

"Life is too precious and too short to site around regretting lost opportunities." Lynda Field, Weekend Life Coach

"Dreams elevate us beyond the mundane. They enrich our future with possibility." Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D., Loving Each Other

"Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension." Joshua L. Liebman

"Stress is like an iceberg. We can see one-eighth of it above, but what about what's below." Author Unknown

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." Ovid

Each of us is born with a unique potential that defines a destiny. We are given the chance to do what no one has ever done before and to leave our distinctive mark on the world before we die. Robert K. Cooper, The Other 90%

What you say is what you get. As our thoughts affect our circumstances, so do the words we say. Our words build our attitude and they determine what we will attract and experience. Andrew Matthews, Being Happy!

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