This poem could be considered one which describes how others see us as we age, or it could be as we grow older it is how we see ourself! Written many years ago, the poet Walter Learned is expressing his thoughts in these verses.

Growing Old
Poet: Walter Learned

Sweet sixteen is shy and cold,
Calls me "sir," and thinks me old;
Hears in an embarrassed way
All the compliments I pay;

Finds my homage quite a bore,
Will not smile on me,
and more To her taste she finds the noise
And the chat of callow boys.

Not the lines around my eye,
Deepening as the years go by;
Not white hairs that strew my head,
Nor my less elastic tread;

Cares I find, nor joys I miss,
Make me feel my years like this:
Sweet sixteen is shy and cold,
Calls me "sir," and thinks me old.

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