A poem that encourages us to treat others with respect and love. Knocking down other people, slandering people, taking vengeance or making fun of people, or just plain bullying, does anyone any good, including yourself. The poem reminds us to show love and charity to those around us.

Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

He that knocks and runs away
May live to knock some more next day —
But he who slanders in the open
May live to wish he had not spoken.
Some take vengeance through the law,
While others use a mighty paw —
But the meanest bully takes a crack
At helpless folk who can't fight back.

He that gluts his soul with "fun"
Can squander money by the ton.
None mourn nor worry where it went to,
What use the seller's funds are bent to —
Neither feels accountable
To his neighbor, friend or foe —
But the street-man's ways must keep in line
With saints' and sinners' judgment fine.

Sweet Spirit of love and tenderness —
Gentle ministrant of Mercy's dower —
To the selfish thou must e'er remain unknown —
The ruthless crush thee down as flowers full blown;
O hapless hour when on this earth
Some foul animus gave mean birth
To thy disgraceful counterfeit
Which all mankind should scorn and hate.

Ne'er let the day dawn on my sight
That sees me shorn of sense of right —
Nor let me hold by chance, or strength, or stress,
A thing I would not have all men possess;
For envy, thoughtlessness and scorn
Make full many a life forlorn —
Distrust and selfishness remove
All thought of Charity and Love.

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