Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Quotes

"Most of us are familiar with recycle and reusing, but how often do we think of the third R - REDUCE? 'Reduce' is probably the most important of the three Rs because, if we reduced, it would limit the need to recycle and reuse."
Catherine Pulsifer

"Just as we cannot blame others for destroying the environment,
so we cannot look to others to protect the environment. Responsibility for both begins at home."
Paul Griss, The Daily Planet

"Like a shadow that does not permit us to jump over it, but moves with us to maintain its proper distance, pollution is nature's answer to culture. When we have learned to recycle pollution into potent information, we will have passed over completely into the new cultural ecology."
William Irwin Thompson

"We may recycle newspapers and glass and take proper satisfaction for doing so, but we remain caught in a web of spiritual assumptions about success and consumption, progress and waste that effectively undermine and trivialize our efforts to escape."
William H. Becker

"Can implementing the three R's - reduce, recycle, reuse, save you money? If you only implemented the three R's in your kitchen, you would save money."
Catherine Pulsifer,

"Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do without."

"There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use."
Mother Teresa

"Itīs an illusion that the solution to pollution is dilution!"
Author Unknown

"By treating waste as a resource, the reader will save money and better the environment."
Lillian & Dave Brummet, from The Beginnings of the Environmental Book on Everyone's Lips

"You can help keep garbage out of landfills by using things again and again."
Margie Burton

"And don't forget to recycle to help save resources and reduce space in landfills and buy recycled products as often as possible to encourage recycling."
Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., from Ten Quick Tips to Save the Planet and Your Health

"Recycling aged wireless equipment is a sensible alternative. Valuable materials can be recovered from used wireless devices in a number of different ways."
Sharon Housley, from Recycle Cell Phones

"Waste is a terrible thing to mind - Recycle ."
Bumper Sticker

"This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blook that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
Chief Seattle

"We must learn to be less wasterful and to develop an environmental ethic that includes a respect for all other species."
Paul Griss, The Daily Planet

"We were surprised at the little things we could all do to reduce our greenhouse gases by one-tonne. We all could make more of a difference when it comes to greenhouse gases."
Catherine Pulsifer, from The One-Tonne Challenge

"No matter how you look at it, scooping garbage into an oven and setting it afire is an equally primitive alternative to digging a hole in the ground and burying it. The former contaminates air; the latter, groundwater."
Sandra Steingraber

"We are not to throw away those things which can benefit our neighbor. Goods are called good because they can be used for good: they are instruments for good, in the hands of those who use them properly."
Clement of Alexandria

"The EPA estimates that of over 20 million personal computers discarded in 1998, only 13% were reused or recycled. Of those that were recycled, over 112 million pounds of valuable materials were recovered including steel, glass, plastic and precious metals."
Donna Schwartz Mills, from It's Easy to Be Green: Earth Day Solutions for Your Home Office

"Each individual contribution to the problem may be minimal, but the combined activities of our neighbours, our community and citizens across the country have an enouromous effect."
Paul Griss, The Daily Planet

"Just in Canada alone, millions of new ink cartridges for home and business printers are purchased each year. After some research, I was amazed to learn that in Canada, less than 5% of the millions of cartridges are ever recycled."
Catherine Pulsifer, from Millions of Ink Cartridges in Landfill Sites!

"If 25 years ago I had said that the majority of Canadians would be drinking bottled water today, you would have laughed. If I were to say now that we may have to breathe bottled air in 25 years if we donít fundamentally change the way our society works, would you laugh? And if we canít breathe the air, does it really matter whether the government of the day is right or left?"
Jim Harris, Green Party

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