Here find short love poems containing verses about memories that were shared and about being in love. The poetry was written by Julie Hebert. We hope you enjoy!

Short Love Poems
Poet: , (c) 2011

To be so in love, makes me think of,
The day you and I first met.
We love to be together and walk with nice weather,
I never want to ever forget.

So let's make a pack now, to always be proud
Of how wonderful our relationship has turned out.
We'll never forget, the memories we made,
And talk about them often with no doubt.

The Poet expresses her thoughts in this poem about the memories that she has. But what does being in love mean? It may mean different things to different people but expressing your thoughts can help you answer this question. Read the next short poem which contain verses where the Poet expresses her thoughts on being in love.

Being In Love
Poet: , (c) 2011

Being in love, means never wanting more,
It means being happy with the person you love.

So no judging or laughing, at the person your now living,
Unless your laughing at something which your part of.

Being in love, means your always waiting,
For the other person, to come home.

Of course you canít wait, to discuss your next date,
Maybe it should be somewhere like Rome?

The Best Is Yet To Be
Poet: , (c) 2011

The best is yet to be,
Our love will set us free.
So please take care of me
I want to grow old together with thee.

To grow old with thee,
Would forever be such glee.
We'd hold hands and be,
As happy as one, two, three.

So when to make us we?
Is marriage someone we agree?
Cause if your answer is let's be,
Man and wife, whoopee!

Together is our key,
To happiness on some degree.
I'm so happy to be a we,
With you I will always be free.

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