Simpler Ways

Simpler Ways
Poet: , 2015

Making do with less,
is something we should all do,
Corporations and associations,
make us fear we need new.

But life way back was much simpler,
yet people were just as happy,
They had everything their lives did need,
they weren't nearly quite as sappy.

People today feel they need to conform,
or coward out of sight,
A life without the newest toy,
would obviously be a horrible fright!

On the contrary people,
this stuff is clouding our minds,
Remember what it was like to be outdoors,
our hair blowing in the winds?

The games outdoors give more than just fun,
you get exercise, nature and friends,
Computer, video and tablet games,
lock you up with no clear end.

TV's and movies are always great fun,
but do nothing but desensitize your brain,
Sure you may learn a thing here or there,
but eventually you will be left drained.

So turn it all off, put it away,
remember the simpler ways,
Life before was great and fun,
before all this unnecessary haze.

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