Do Less Then Do More

Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2015

Life is short we all do know,
We cannot take advantage.
We need to live it, and live it well,
We need not carry baggage.

We need to do the things we love,
And always share a smile.
We need to do all we can,
To make this life worthwhile.

Do less of all the things you do,
That you wish you didn't do.
Do less of all the things you hate,
No more feeling blue.

Don't waste more time on people,
Who do not deserve it.
Life is short enough without,
Sharing it with those of no spirt.

Share your life with those,
Who are full of energy and love.
These are the type of people,
Who you never want to get ride of.

Certain people will teach you wonders,
Of this world and worlds above.
Open your heart and your mind,
And you'll find pure love.

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Quotes about Life:

Surround yourself with people you enjoy being with and with those that appreciate you for who you are.

You donít need to impress people by the way you live. You will only get confused, how many people do you want to impress at a time?
Jide Adeniba, You Can Have It If You Really Want It

The first and most important step in problem solving is recognizing that we have one.
Vivian Eisenecher, Recovering Me, Discovering Joy

If you aren't deliberate in your thoughts and intentions, youíll create your life by default.
Linda Chaousis Thurston , Beyond Positive Thoughts

There is need to unlock the untapped potentials in your mind, if you really want to be highly successful.
Greg Adenauer, Abundance

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