To Mother

Poems that were written to Mother. Verses that describe how a Mother is bound to their child, how sweet reminder of her child, and the love that she has and her child has for her.

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  1. To Mother
    Poet: C. C. Hassler

    No sweeter sound can mortal hear.
    Or falls on "Mother's" listening ear,
    Than helpless infant's plaintive cries
    As in its mother's arms it lies.
    Her life, her love, her hopes are there.
    And hallowed by her saintly prayer
    She looks into its face with joy,
    And come what will in future years
    To thrill her heart with hopes or fears,
    To her 'twill live, 'mid joy or tears -
    Her babe's first cry that binds her boy
    To Mother.

    What tho his wayward feet have trod
    A path that leads away from God,
    And prayers he learned beside her knee
    May still for years forgotten be -
    Or if upon the scroll of fame
    May written be his honored name,
    Her happiness without alloy
    Will shine upon her dear old face
    With radiance bright naught can efface
    If in her hand some token place
    Some sweet reminder from her boy
    To Mother.

    Perchance the gift may be the bloom
    Of flowers, bright with sweet perfume.
    With petals, soft and pure, and white.
    That lilossomed 'neath God's pure sunlight,
    If from the absent boy it came,
    And through her tears she reads his name.
    Naught can her happiness destroy,
    But sweet as fragrance of the flowers
    That bloomed in some "Elysian'' bowers,
    She'll dream of by-gone happy hours
    And prize her gift from absent boy
    To Mother.

    Ah, Mother's love, so deep, so pure,
    To live and through all time endure,
    A fountain from which of a truth.
    Springs all things good, to bless our youth,
    God's wisdom would be incomplete
    And loving kindness be less sweet,
    That human lives on earth enjoy
    Were it not for that gentle grace
    That lives to bless the human race.
    Those smiles that light up Mother's face
    And calls back home the absent boy
    To Mother.

    Mankind may fame and honors crave
    From earliest manhood to the grave;
    But tho the shadows gather o'er
    Her path, as nearing Heaven's shore.
    How tenderly old memories bring
    And cause her trembling lips to sing
    Sweet songs of childhood - blest.
    Methinks, if absent son could see
    His gift of flowers on her knee,
    His love expressed would surely be
    For one who loves him truest, best-
    His Mother.

  2. An Angel
    Poet: Edmund Clarence Stedman

    She seemed an angel in our infant eyes.
    Once when the glorifying moon revealed
    Her who at evening by our pillow kneeled,
    Soft-voiced and golden-haired from holy skies
    Flown to her loves on wings of Paradise,
    We looked to see the pinions half-concealed.

    This picture lingers; - still she seems to me
    The fair angel of my infancy.

  3. My Mother
    Poet: May Riley Smith

    The sweetest face in all the world to me,
    Set in a frame of shining silver hair,
    With eyes whose language is fidelity;
    This is my mother. Is she not most fair?

    O mother! in the changeful years now flown.
    Since, as a child, I leant upon your knee,
    Life has not brought to me, nor fortune shown,
    Such tender love! such yearning sympathy!

    Let fortune smile or frown, whiche'er she will;
    It matters not, I scorn her fickle ways!
    I never shall be quite bereft until
    I lose my mother's honest blame and praise!

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