19 Rejection Quotes

Be encouraged by these rejection quotes, let them add a positive thought to your day. Rejection is a feeling that is discouraging and hurtful.

And there are many types of rejections - rejection of love, of acceptance for a job, not accepted as a friend, the list could go on and on. However, don't let rejection take away your confidence. Sometimes being rejected is not your issue it is the issue of the person who has rejected you. Be encouraged by these quotes.

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  1. Somewhere there is a writer who is writing alone. No one notices when they finish drafts, but they keep writing. The rejection slips keep coming, but still they keep writing. Paul Jefferson Woods, Three Six Six
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  2. Fear of rejection is one example of a bias toward negativity. Thibaut Meurisse, Master Your Emotions
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  3. Though your gift of friendship's small everybody's lonesome. It may answer someone's call; someone who is lonesome. Unknown, Everybody Is Lonesome
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  4. It's amazing how we, as people, will accept the negative things but reject the positive. Mackenzie Nelson, Beaten, But NOT Destroyed
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  5. ....sometimes the situation that feels like the worst form of rejection—not getting the job, not getting the promotion, not getting the grant, client, or contract that you want—actually turns out to be a tremendous blessing. Alexandra Franzen, You're Going to Survive
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  6. Rejection chips away at your self-image. It chisels down your confidence and challenges your hope. June Hunt, Rejection
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  7. Salespeople are not successful unless they are able to handle rejection. Byron Pulsifer
    Motivational Sales Quotes

  8. When confronted by failure, disappointment, or rejection, it may be far easier simply to give up. But this attitude can spell the difference between long-term success and a series of defeat. Amy E. Dean, Peace of Mind
    Never Give Up

  9. We often compound our rejection experiences by becoming extremely self-critical—essentially kicking ourselves when we’re already down. Guy Winch, Emotional First Aid
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  10. I need not fear what the future brings forth – my love He (God) will never reject. Greta Zwaan, I Am Free
    Spiritual Poems

  11. Others may influence or suggest, but only you can control what your mind accepts or rejects. Samuel Cypert, Believe and Achieve
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  12. To be accepted is to be approved of or admitted to fellowship by others. Rejection can then be classified as a profound sense of being unwanted. Derek Prince, God's Remedy for Rejection
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  13. Realize that rejection isn’t all about you (and how inspiring this is!) Scott Allan, Rejection Free
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  14. If you want to love yourself, you are going to need to learn how to deal with rejections. Veronica Smith, Loving Yourself
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  15. Collect personal moments of care and giving rejecting things of no lasting value. Byron R. Pulsifer
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  16. Rejection has no power over me now because I know who I am in Christ. I know my worth. Joyce Meyer, The Root of Rejection
    Journey of Faith

  17. Although rejection can hurt— and be deeply painful— it does not mean your true value is any less. Leslie Becker-Phelps, Bouncing Back from Rejection
    Cheer Up Quotes

  18. Preparation is a key ingredient to those who complain they did not get a promotion. These are the very people who shunned extra courses, or rejected opportunities to take on difficult assignments that would have provided them with new skills or a chance to hone current skills and elevate them to a new level of competency. Theodore W. Higginsworth
    Planning Quotes

  19. We all have a tendency to take rejections too personally and to draw conclusions about our shortcomings when there is little evidence that such assumptions are warranted. Guy Winch, Emotional First Aid
    Letting Go Poem

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