A Reckoning

A poem of friendship written at Christmas time expressing warm thoughts of a dear friend. The poem by Arthur Franklin Fuller reflects on life and friends. A great poem to share with special friends to let them know you are thinking of them.

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A Reckoning
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

I'm thinking now of you, dear friend,
Because 'tis Christmas Day;
Through Retrospection's paths I went.
And yield to Fancy's sway.

Each soul is a ship upon Life's sea -
Must bear both calms and gales;
A reckoning there oft must be,
To note how now she sails.

Each starts, attended - when all is fair.
But braves alone the deep;
So, few and precious are those who care
A friendly port to keep.

The times and things we two have shared -
Which formed our common ground,
Have woven bonds which Love has spared,
Since Faith our friendship crowned.

I'll think of you throughout the year.
At rest, at work and mart;
There'll always be,' your place, my dear -
A shrine within my heart.

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Another poem by Arthur Franklin Fuller to a friend who is miles away with hopes of not being forgotten:

A Picture
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

Our limpid eyes with kindness glow,
Your voice is soft and sweet;
Your gentle ways refinement show,
And make your charms complete.

Your rose-lips, damp with honey-dew,
My heart with yearnings fill;
While precious dreams of home and you,
My soul with rapture thrill.

Your tap'ring arms so round and white.
So soft and warm your breasts -
My hungry heart swells with delight.
And now contented rests.

'Tis sweet to hold your dainty hands.
In quietude's retreat,
While coming thence at joyous pace,
I praise thy flying feet.

Your many gifts and faults so few,
Your cultivated powers
Assure appreciation true,
And coming pleasant hours.

Holy that temple, top to toe,
In palace or lowly cot -
Though miles divide, I humbly pray.
That thou forget me not.

This poem below expresses the comfort felt of having a friend:

My Little Comforter
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

The gusty wind moaned sad and chill,
The autumn sky was gray;
But love can warm a longing heart,
To hasten all the way.

Her dear eyes with fulfillment shone-
I clasped her to my breast -
And on her soft, responsive lips,
A lover's kiss I pressed.

How fast our happiest hours flash by:
How deep is human bliss:
In hours of woe, let's not forget
The joys we did not miss.

We talked, we laughed, we sung, we dreamed,
Our inner-selves communed;
The future full of promise, seemed
To music sweet, attuned.

I know not if her throbbing heart,
Shall beat again on mine.
Or if her glowing face on me
Will beam with love divine:

I know not if these hungry arms
Her form again shall hold -
Nor if her clinging clasp shall me
Within its circle fold:

Though disappointments strew the way,
And adverse things occur.
Life's crazy patch-work's worth the while,
Through comfort wrought by her.

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