A Little Loving

Be inspired by these poems about a little loving is all I need. You may find answers to how to find a little loving in these poems.

Arthur Rubinstein once said, "Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back."

And to quote Oscar Wilde, "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring."

We hope the verse here reminds you to give and to receive a little lovin!

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  1. A Little Loving
    Poet Catherine Pulsifer

    We usually find love with family and friends
    But sometimes there is no love to that end
    Get out and find those who need help
    The love you get back will make your heart melt

    Volunteer, get involved with a church, find a need
    Watch love grow, like the watering of a seed.
    You not only help others, but people you will meet
    And over time you will find a love that is sweet!

    Life gives back what you give out
    If you love others you will get it back without a doubt
    So, if you need a little lovin
    Give it out and you find it for certain!

  2. a little loving

  3. Need of Loving
    Poet: Strickland Gillilan

    Folk need a lot of loving in the morning;
    The day is all before, with cares beset-
    The cares we know, and they that give no warning;
    For love is God's own antidote for fret.

    Folk need a heap of loving at the noontime -
    In the battle lull, the moment snatched from strife-
    Halfway between the waking and the croontime,
    While bickering and worriment are rife.

    Folk hunger so for loving at the nighttime,
    When wearily they take them home to rest-
    At slumber song and turning-out-the-light time-
    Of all the times for loving, that's the best.

    Folk want a lot of loving every minute-
    The sympathy of others and their smile!
    Till life's end, from the moment they begin it,
    Folks need a lot of loving all the while.

  4. Charity And Love
    by Mother Teresa

    Love is not patronizing
    And charity isn't about pity,
    It is about love.

    Charity and love are the same,
    With charity you give love,
    So don't just give money
    But reach out your hand instead.

  5. If Somebody Loves You
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    If somebody loves you,
    You cannot be sad;
    You've cause for rejoicing,
    You've cause to be glad.
    You've a subject for song
    As you journey your way;
    If somebody loves you
    You ought to be gay.

    If a curly-head baby
    Of four is your pride.
    Chattering gaily
    Along by your side;
    All trouble should vanish,
    All care disappear,
    If the baby who loves you
    Is pattering near.

    If you've an old mother
    Who loves you today;
    Your life should be merry.
    Your work should be play.
    For think of the motherless
    Children there are.
    Who still plod the roads
    Leading ever so far.

    If somebody loves you,
    A wife or a child;
    A mother or father,
    A friend who has smiled.
    And taken your hand
    In a friend's helping way;
    You ought to be merry.
    You ought to be gay.

    For love, after all.
    Is the purpose of life;
    The purpose of struggle.
    And turmoil and strife.
    If somebody loves you
    Why worry and sigh?
    For love we are living.
    And love cannot die.

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