Sending Love

Love is wonderful, but being away from the one you love is hard. Enjoy these short poems written by Poet, , expressing love and thoughts especially when you are away.

Short Love Poems
Sending Love To Someone Far Away

by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

I wish we were so much closer,
So hard to share my love through the mail.
But I never will stop, sending my love,
To the one whom I will always prevail.

You're the one who's really for me,
I can't believe this is true but it is.
I'm excited to say, that our love on this day
Is full of so much excitement and fizz.

Being away from the one you love is difficult. There is an expression, "absence makes your love grow fonder", and while this is true it is also hard to be away from one another. We hope these short poems are ones that you may share with the one you love.

Our Love Is Never Ending
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

I know we can't stay here forever,
Even if I truly wanted it so.

So I'm asking for a favor, just something to savor,
Will you stay here with me so I know?

I want to know if our love will live forever,
Even if we can't be together.

If you promise with me, to always remember our glee,
I know our love will never wither.

You and Me

by Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

Miss you, want to
Hug you, love you.

Need you, breath you,
Touch you, see you.

To love, to touch,
To see could be.

Something as special,
As you, and me.

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