How many requests do we make of God. Many times we want things and pray for them only not to receive it. But also many times the things we want may not be what we need. God knows best!

Poet - Digby Mackworth Dolben

I asked for Peace -
My sins arose,
And bound me close,
I could not find release.

I asked for
Truth -
My doubts came in,
And with their din
They wearied all my youth.

I asked for
Love -
My lovers failed,
And griefs assailed
Around, beneath, above.

I asked for Thee -
And Thou didst come
To take me
Within Thy heart to be.

When God gives you the grace to make changes that you know you couldn't do with your own strength, it becomes precious to you.
T.D. Jakes

Our Capable God
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2009

Small to God can mean mountains to us, things that cause us concern;
Every day stuff that God takes in stride, problems that we can't discern.
We have the notion that
life treats us harsh, determined that things go our way;
But if there is conflict we're quick to complain, we want to keep troubles at bay.

We don't seem to grasp, it's through
troubles we grow, our faith being tested and tried,
How we react during difficult times with evil enticements denied.
God grants us the strength when we're willing to ask, but pride often stands in our way,
If we're not humble enough to seek help, we'll end up going astray.

We are not robots, we have a free will, God gave us the power to choose,
We know the difference between right and wrong, we know what we might stand to lose.
God has great
patience, He won't always chide, but one day the roll call will come,
If our decision has cast God aside, our hearts will have turned cold and numb.

The day's not far off when our Lord will return, this time He'll settle the score,
If you have entered the straight, narrow gate, your peace is assured evermore.
All those great mountains, those cares and concerns, in a moment were cleaned from your slate,
Problems and heartaches, conflicts and trials no longer hold power o'er your fate.

Our capable God holds the reigns of your life, but you make your destiny sure,
He offers you all when you reach out to Him, a peace that will always endure.

Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2003

Abram, Abram, what have you done?
Remember, God promised to give you a son.
Has He not always been true to His Word?
Was this a message you might not have heard?

Are you still worldly, your trust incomplete?
Because of a need that God couldn't meet?
You gave into Sarai, agreed to her plan;
You let her persuade you, you proved a weak man.

Hagar conceived and gave you a son,
But this child was not God's promised one.
You should have waited, just thought things through;
Been patient and trusting, in God's timing for you.

Many years later the pain is still here,
Ismael and Isaac - that hatred, that fear.
Jews against Arabs, fighting for land,
Heartaches and problems they don't understand.

Abram, Abram, what a burden you bear,
Acting on instinct as if God wasn't there.
Now there is hatred, more than ever before,
Mistrust is rampant and peace is no more.

You were unfaithful, God chose to forgive;
All His compassion allowed you to live.
And not only that, God still blesses your life,
And gave you a son through Sarai, your wife.

Gods' hand's not shortened when man interferes,
Let it be known that each prayer He hears.
Let us learn patience, let us learn trust,
For all that God does is holy and just.

Patience, dear Abram, would have won you the race,
God is sufficient with power and grace.
Yes, He'll forgive you, with love pure and strong,
His presence will bless you if you're where you belong.

Abram, Abram, what a great God you serve,
Rest in His mercy; let your faith never swerve.

God will supply you with the strength you need when you need it.
Nicky Gumbel

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