My Garden Is A Pleasant Place

Poet, Louise Driscoll describes her garden in the verses of this short poem, My Garden is a Pleasant Place. Reading the verses of the poetry will allow you to visit her garden, as you visualize the reality of her words. Gardens could be considered sanctuaries.

A Short Garden Poem
My Garden is a Pleasant Place
Poet - Louise Driscoll

My garden is a pleasant place
Of sun glory and leaf grace.
There is an ancient cherry tree
Where yellow warblers sing to me,
And an old grape arbor, where
A robin builds her nest, and there
Above the lima beans and peas
She croons her little melodies,
Her blue eggs hidden in the green
Fastness of that leafy screen.
Here are striped zinnias that bees
Fly far to visit,; and sweet peas,
Like little butterflies newborn,
And over by the tasselled corn
Are sunflowers and hollyhocks,
And pink and yellow four-o'clocks.
Here are hummingbird that come
To seek the tall delphinium-
Songless bird and scentless flower
Communing in a golden hour.

More words and verses for reflection by Louise Driscoll:
Within your heart, keep one still,
secret spot where dreams may go.

There is no blue like the
blue cup the tall delphinium holds up.

My lilac trees are old and tall; I cannot reach their bloom at all.
They send their perfume over trees
And roof and streets, to find the bees.

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