Where Is Heaven

Every one of us wonders at times where is heaven. Read this poem about heaven and you may find some answers and thoughts to give you a perspective about this wondrous place.

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Where Is Heaven
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

Sure, Heaven is a state of consciousness:
Existing therefore wholly in degree;
Where God is, there is lasting happiness,
For all who love both right and equity;
E'en in this transient little world of ours,
There are so many deep and wondrous things —
So much to learn that's quite beyond our powers,
Who dares fore-judge thy Heaven, thou
King of kings!

In this short life, rejoicing, we have used,
Each added power; with Him as we unfold,
With joy we'll see God's gracious gifts infused.
Eternal progress in ourselves behold;
For then as now, He'll give to every one.
More than he can in full appreciate;
We'll own the friendships dear, on earth begun —
Renew old ties, no more to separate.

"But where is Heaven?" some doubting one inquires;
Shun idle talk — thy first concern should be
To know the Lord; to live as He requires,
Accept His Christ and strive the Truth to see;
"Believe and ye shall never die!" 'Tis writ —
Then know, the righteous merely taste of death —
The wicked suffer it. Sown in the pit
The seed must die, to heed Life's quickening breath.

"But where is Heaven?" some doubter still may ask;
'Tis that fair place where mansions are prepared;
Man enters in the outer courts to bask
In glory's light when he no pains has spared
To get in harmony with Deity.
The overcomers leave this plane at once to go
To Life and Service — wholesome piety —
While others sleep a thousand years or so.

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An excerpt from the essay At The Foot Of The Rainbow
By Arthur Franklin Fuller

Seems as though Jesus had a different notion about all these things. Seems as if he could locate heaven without a bit of trouble. He said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you."

Sounds like heaven must be more of a  condition than a place. Sounds to some of us as though he meant that it was where God is — where the will of God is done.

A heaven of Eternal Progress — where man will "honor and glorify God and enjoy Him forever" as the catechism puts it — such a heaven would be more heavenly.

We would honor and glorify God by witnessing intelligently, the continuous unfolding spiritual universe, through infinite eons of time.

Heaven then would prove to be eternal peace and bliss and satisfaction — ever-unfolding consciousness.

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