What Are We Living For?

A poem for reflection about life and what are we living for - what is our purpose. Is it fame and wealth? And at the end of life what is it that matters? Read this poem by Arthur Franklin Fuller for thoughts on life.

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What Are We Living For?
Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

"Is life worth living?" the workers ask,
As they go about their irksome task;
Each generation comes and goes,
And sees increase in Problem's woes;
Within the factories, shops and mines,
Are faces seamed by Dearth's sure lines;
These toilers' homes boast comforts few,
In vain their bairns for culture sue:
What are they living for?

Look in upon the wealthy class,
Within their homes or as they pass
On boulevards, 'mid pomp and show,
Where poorer folk can never go;
How hard they seek for some new thrill —
Some way to pass the time until
Tomorrow works its way around —
Relief from boredom is transient found:
What are they living for?

But turn unto the happiest folk —
The middle class — they'll hardly croak!
They have their share of joy and grief,
Success and failure — all are brief;
They earn enough for present needs —
More than enough, but worry breeds;
Yet looking back o'er years and days,
The woe, they say, their weal out- weighs:
What are they living for?

Well — we were given life to learn
Great lessons, and the same to turn
To good account; the privilege ours,
To view and praise Jehovah's powers;
To rise above environment —
In virtue always to augment;
When we shall gain perfection grand,
We'll then be fit to understand:
What are we living for?

Til then, 'tis good for us with might
To hold the Truth — so much of light,
As comes to us from day to day —
To help somebody on his way,
By precept and example too,
Our humble part with conscience do;
And pilot others from the reef
Of Error; oft we've said with grief,
What are we living for?

Though wealth, position, fame be won.
They're but a sham — when life is done,
The past goes by in swift review.
And gazing, one sees much to rue;
He who is useful — knows the Lord,
Renounces self, and loves His Word,
Who is loved of friends — who shirks no task,
Succeeds in life; and ne'er will ask:
What are we living for?

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