Failure Quotes

"Failures are only failures if we look at them that way!"

"People tend to lose focus after one failure, however the key is to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them the next time."
Krista "KK" Weatherspoon, 50 Things To Know

"Yes, accept failure but do not treat it as an outcome."
Vinnie Fisher

"Successful people plan for failure."
Alex Altman, Time Is Money

"Since failure is just a process of discovering what works and what doesn't work, we must readjust our strategies and plow ahead again."
Demond Jackson, The 101 Most Powerful Success Quotes for High Achievers

"Fear of failure is immobilizing and it causes us not to progress further in life and force us to miss some very good opportunities ahead."
Rajneesh Chaturvedi, Taming Mind

"Setting goals, taking one step at a time, continuous learning, never giving up, learning to use failures as our best teaches for future success, and always being in touch with what is important to us."
Byron Pulsifer, How To Succeed When You Already Have

"It's what you do with what you are, with what you have or don't have, that figures largely in determining failure or success."
Norman Vincent Peale, The Tough-Minded Optimist

"Views on failure: failing is an opportunity to learn; a failure is one who doesn't try again; failing does not mean the end. The most important aspect of being unsuccessful or of failing is your attitude - how you see it, and then, what you do about it."
Catherine Pulsifer

"Children who have never know success must be taught how to succeed. Children who have never known failure must be taught to accept failure."
Greg Henry Quinn

"None of us can avoid failure. We can avoid battering ourselves in the process."
Anne Wilson Schaef

"Finding the energy to give just a little more effort is often the difference between failure and success."
Mark Black

"Successful people make 'mistakes' often, and use them as feedback to show them what they need to know that they wouldn't have known otherwise. "
Yvonne Oswald

"Your greatest hero or heroine grew through failure and disappointment. Failure is the strength behind all personal experience."
Gillian Stokes, Personal Power

"Many people are afraid to take a risk, are afraid of failure. But in life if we don't take a risk we will never move beyond where we are today."
Julie Hebert, Enough Thinking   |  

"Never take failure personally, never take set backs in a social setting as evidence that you are not worth talking to."
Peter W. Murphy, Always Know What To Say

"If you can't focus, you canít finish. If you can't finish, you will fail."
Matt Bishop, The 8 Pillars of Career and Business Success

"If you don't get over your fear of failure, it can plague you in other areas of your life."
David A. Hunter, Positive Thinking

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