Difficult Situation

Author: Catherine Pulsifer

Why is it that so many, many people view difficult situations as a roadblock or the end of the road? Is it because they are ill equipped to handle issues really well or is it because they do not think of the situation as a new beginning, or as a teacher of life skills? Maybe, it is a bit of both.

An example
If you have a job, one of the difficult situations you may face given the current economy and the use of offshore labor, is that you may lose your job. Now, to most people, this is a devastating blow both personally and financially. Well, I am sure losing your job will be a shock but there is good in everything if you can see it. What I mean in this case is this: losing your job may just be the best thing that ever happened to you especially if you really did not like it, or really were doing it because it happened to be the first job you could get.

The fact that you were laid off is not the same as being fired, first of all. You should recognize that being laid off was not your fault. The second thing to focus on is that you already have a set of skills. These skills can be used to apply for jobs in the same area where you worked before, or they can be enhanced with further training.

Or, you can view this lay off as your best excuse to start doing what you have only dreamed of in the past. Maybe it is time to start those courses you really wanted to attend, or maybe it's time to take your current skills and think about how these skills are transferable to another area of work that is more appealing to you.

What You Can Do
There will be many difficult situations in life as time goes on - there is nothing you can do to prevent these from happening either. What you can do, however, is to start to look at each of these difficult situations as an opportunity to see the good, the elements that can help you become a better person, or as a catalyst to change, or to appreciate what you already have.

Stand Out
Life is not a series of triumphs without a series of obstacles or difficult times. What will make you different and stand out above so many others is your ability to turn these challenges or obstacles into something better, or a valued opportunity to be more of a person than you have ever imagined.

Do not allow yourself to be defeated, to be cast off, or to be ground into the earth.  Keep your focus on moving forward, don't get caught up in yesterday. 

Don't get discouraged.  While you may feel disappointment, keep moving forward. Think of the difficulty as an opportuntity.  An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to find a solution.

You see, your attitude and how you approach difficult times will determine your contentment and happiness, your success in life.

One Last Point
One last point to consider about difficult times comes from the book, The Inner View, by Donald Neviaser:   "Difficult times are necessary, for they are a yardstick by which we measure how good life can be."

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