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Courage Quotes

"Each of us is a pioneer in our own lives. We're each charting new territory every day. The people I admire are the people who willingly go forward, no matter what the odds."
Hillary Clinton

"A simple life depends on mustering the courage to reckon with who we are and what it will take to move us in a direction we want to go."
Deborah Deford, from The Simpler Life

"Courage is realizing you're afraid and still acting."
Former Mayor Rudi Guiliani

We must develop within ourselves the courage to believe in our dreams and ideas."
Demond Jackson, The 101 Most Powerful Success Quotes for High Achievers

"A confident person has the courage to do what he thinks is right even if others criticize or mock them for it."
Matt Morris, How To Live In The Present Moment

"Being empathetic can give you the strength and courage you never thought you had."
Michael Unks, Awesome In Hours

"True beauty, grace and courage just get better over the years."
Noelle C. Nelson, Happy Healthy…Dead

"Courage is your resolution to do it anyway - whatever 'it' is - in spite of your feelings of fear, insecurity, and doubt."
Daree Allen, What's Wrong With Me?

"It takes self-confidence to gain the courage to move on after you learn from your mistakes."
David A. Hunter, Positive Thinking

"You wouldn’t need courage if it were a simple thing to do."
Carl Sommer, Teen Success in Career and Life Skills

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