Poems about Grass and Lawns

Here you will find a collection of poems about grass and lawns. While we all would prefer green healthy lawns there are times this is not possible. Enjoy the words in the verses of these different poets have to offer about grass and lawns.

Her lawn
looks like a meadow,
And if she mows the place
She leaves the clover standing
And the Queen Anne's Lace.
Edna St. Vincent Millay

I am the mown grass, dying at your feet,
The pale grass, gasping faintly in the sun.
I shall be dead, long, long ere day is done,
That you may say: "The air, to-day, was sweet."
I am the mown grass, dying at your feet.
Margaret Gilman Davidson

Grass is the forgiveness of nature -
her constant benediction.
Forests decay, harvests perish, flowers vanish,
but grass is immortal.
Brian Ingalls

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;
My humble song of praise
Most joyfully I raise To Him at whose command
I beautify the land,
Creeping, silently creeping everywhere.
Sarah Roberts Boyle

God Bless the grass
That grows through the crack they roll the concrete over it
To try and keep it back the concrete gets tired
Of what it has to do it breaks and it buckles
And the grass grows through. God bless the grass
Malvina Reynolds

The Lawn Mower
Poet: Sarah Barber

When we finally flip it over
the fireflies are out. The neighbor boy
has had his stitches in so I can finally admit
I think it is all fantastic: the suck
of the spark plug undone, the stuck blade
bent into the guard, and the sound
of the hammer’s head reshaping the metal.
In this our suburban Eden we’ve only
a teenage Adam too dreamy to manage
his motorized scythe and silly Eve leaving
her coffee cups and plastic plant pots
behind in the grass. Though it’s a long way
from a fall, this spring’s first disaster,
I did like the thin thread of red
on his upper lip, and I like my mower
turned over among the glowworms,
a monstrous dandelion as unnatural as we
are, out in a garden, with our untidy
golds and our dangerous sharps.

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Our gardens are beautiful and grass and lawn surrounding them can add to their beauty. We hope these poems and verses inspire you!

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