Verses About Mothers

Find verses about mothers that will remind you how special Moms are! Short poems and verses that reflect love and appreciation for all that Mothers do each and every day for us. Share these verses with your Mother, make her feel special every day!

In Return

Poet: Judy

Every true mother anywhere,
Old or young, rich or poor,
Lives a life of sacrifice
For her children, good or vice.

She asks for nothing in return,
But her heart so yearns to see
Us successful, and become
The worthy person she had hoped we'd be.

Mother and Care
Poet: Camille Mayka

Mis for mother
Her beauty's so great.
The love that she gives us is ever so sweet.
Our fights and fits must drive her nuts.
But she loves us too much to make a big fuss.
Her voice is so comforting
Her smiles is so sweet
I'm really glad she's mine to keep.

Mother's Baby
Poet: Linda Petrick

My mom is special
She is sweet and kind
Nice and not mean in any way
She is happy and pretty
She gives me treats
And if you meet her you would
Agree I am very happy to have
A mom like that.

My Mother
Jack Coit

The portraits of famous men and women
Are yellow with age like valuable linen.

But the laughter I've had through all the years
Can never be dulled by later tears,

You gave me joy and all good things,
You are a mother with angel's wings.

To My Mother
Poet: Christina Rossetti

To-day’s your natal day,
Sweet flowers I bring;
Mother, accept, I pray,
My offering.

And may you happy live,
And long us bless;
Receiving as you give
Great happiness.

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Quotes and Verses about Mothers

Children and mothers never truly part . . . bound in the beating of each other's heart.
Mothers Day Messages

A mother always loves and cares
No matter what she is always there.

Kate Summers
A Mothers Love Poem

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

Tenneva Jordan
Cute Quotes

Encouragement and support they give
A mother always sees the positive.

Catherine Pulsifer
Poems Of Encouragement

I love old mothers- mothers with white hair, And kindly eyes, and lips grown softly sweet With murmured blessings over sleeping babes.

Charles Ross
Mothers Day Poem From Son

There are no sick days for Mother, she ia always on duty with a smile.

Catherine Pulsifer
Smile Poems

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