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Here you will find stress resources and other matter relating to stress. Stress, anxiety, tension, worry affect every age group, from teenagers to the elderly. Many times our own frame of mind will determine our own mental state. Difficulties, or troubles in our life can provoke stress if we let it. And the pace of our lives can cause strain; we need to condition our thinking to eliminate unnecessary stress and allow time for relaxation.

We hope our short list provides information that will address your concerns regarding stress. You will find reading on panic attacks, symptoms of stress, techniques for stress relief, anger management and more info to assist you in coping with stressful situations in your life.

"Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important."
Natalie Goldberg

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles."
Charlie Chaplin

Conquer fear of public speaking and social anxiety - Conquer fear of public speaking, stage fright and social anxiety. Learn to manage your fear at the Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center of New York

"To avoid stress means to recognize how it starts. If you are your own worst enemy, then know what not to do. If there is an external cause, work to eliminate it if you can. If you are unable to eliminate the cause, that is, it is something beyond what you can influence or control, either take a completely new tack or strategy to place it in a secondary role in your life, or accept it for what it is and quit fretting over it because the more you think about it, the bigger you are giving it a voice in your life."
Theodore W. Higgingsworth

"No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive."
Dr. Joyce Brothers

Stress Relief Choices - is both a resource for stress management information: from how to meditate, to what exercises to do, and a training company specializing in offering workshops on stress reduction and well-being.

Quotes to reflect on:
"Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself: What is my truest intention? Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it."
Oprah Winfrey

"Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future."
Swami Sivananda

"This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men."
Captain J. A. Hadfield

"What's the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile."
George Asaf

"Laugh at yourself and at life. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedy, a miracle drug, that will ease your pain, cure your depression, and help you to put in perspective that seemingly terrible defeat and worry with laughter at your predicaments, thus freeing your mind to think clearly toward the solution that is certain to come. Never take yourself too seriously."
Og Mandino

Our list continues to grow, so check back often for new reading material. We do review all sites before we post them to ensure their content is relevant. We share with you our list to assist you in finding good quality information. These resources are posted as a convenience to you. We cannot guarantee that their content will remain the same over time, if you find any resources that you feel the content is not stress related please email us. (stressbylife (at)

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