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This short poem, Results and Roses, uses the analogy of gardening preparation to drive home the point that to get results you need to work. The poet, Edgar A Guest, has a wonderful and unique style of writing verses to inspire you.

Results and Roses

Edgar A. Guest

The man who wants a garden fair,
Or small or very big,
With flowers growing here and there,
Must bend his back and dig.

The things are mighty few on earth
That wishes can attain.
Whate'er we want of any worth
We've got to work to gain.

It matters not what goal you seek,
Its secret here reposes:
You've got to dig from week to week
To get Results or Roses.

A Very Wild Flower
Mildred Howells, 1896

Within a garden once there grew
A flower that seemed the very pattern
Of all propriety; none knew
She was at heart a wandering slattern.

The gardener old, with care and pain,
Had trained her up as she should grow,
Nor dreamed amid his labor vain
That rank rebellion lurked below.

A name sufficiently high-sounding
He diligently sought for her,
Until he thought that "Rebounding
Elizabeth" he should prefer.

But when grown up the flower began
To show the tastes within her hidden;
At every chance quite wild she ran,
In spite of being sternly chidden.

They told her beds for flowers were best;
But daily greater grew her failings;
Up to the fence she boldly pressed,
And stuck her head between the palings.

Then to the street she struggled through,
Tearing to rags her silken attire,
And all along the road she grew,
Regardless quite of dust and mire.

You'll find her now by country ways,
A tattered tramp, though comely yet,
With rosy cheek and saucy gaze,
And known to all as "Bouncing Bet."

More words of Edgar A Guest:

"There is an education of the mind
Which all require and parents only start.
But there is training of a nobler kind
And that's the education of the heart.
Lessons that are most difficult to give
Are Faith and Courage and the way to live."

"Just start to sing as you tackle the thing
That "cannot be done," and you'll do it."

"When you're up against a trouble,
meet it squarely, face to face." More related Short Quotes and Poems to inspire you and brighten your day:

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