Loving What You Do

Author: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2006

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There are a lot of things that can lead to stress in your life. The main point about stress is that each person is usually their own worst enemy when it comes to factors that can cause one to experience stress. One of the main reasons for stress, in a lot of people's lives, is what they do for work.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, we must work in order to survive, to feed our families, and to purchase some of the real necessities of life. For those who do not have to work, this message is not for you.

The Work We Do
 The work we do may at first be exactly what we want to do, or a career where we have worked hard for our credentials, or a job that we have waited to get for some time. When we first start our job, we usually are excited - we can't wait to get to work in the morning.

We enjoy the new challenges, the tasks, and meeting new colleagues and developing new friendships. But, as time goes on, some of us start to detest Monday mornings, the drudgery of putting up with traffic, and the thoughts of having to deal with the same old boss, and the same old colleagues. You may have found that what you had first hoped for in terms of promotion has faded away to an old dream.

The Stress Mounts
 The stress mounts as you go through the week with a longing for Friday night when work is finally finished and you can start doing all those things you'd much rather be doing. Along comes Sunday evening and the stress starts to grow and where sleep may be broken. The alarm clock rings loudly Monday morning telling you it is time to start the grind over again for another week. If this is how you think about work, there is no doubt that stress starts to build and build. So, what do you do?

Simple Advice
 Well, the simplest advice, and the most relevant, is that it is more than time to either look for a new job or a different occupation. What you are doing by sticking to the same old job you detest is no more than running a gauntlet of pain and anguish hoping it will end soon - that end for most is the weekend. But, weekends are short.

Here is the bottom line. If you do not love what you do right now, you probably never will. Is this the way you want to spend the rest of your working years - stressed by your job with only a short break on weekends and a few weeks vacation?

A New Adventure
 It is time, right now, to begin a new adventure.

Part of this adventure is to find what you would really be excited about doing - an excitement that runs through you no matter what day of the week - no matter whether it is a weekend or not. An excitement of doing what you love where it is your passion.

Take the chance, take the risk, go for those part-time courses, or research your own special business. Life is far too short to continue in the same old way day after day, week after week, and year after year.

Stress is what you make yourself - change that right now and start doing what you love to do.

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