Least Stressful Jobs

by Catherine Pulsifer, ©2008

Is there any job where there is no stress?

An Example

Take a secretary for example. The secretary, as it turns out, can experience high levels of stress because they have no control over their work. The priority of job tasks is usually decided for them; they do not have any choice of when to complete their work often under tightly controlled timelines, or even worse, knowing their boss is waiting anxiously for them to complete the job.

To make matters worse, they often are interrupted by anyone passing their workstation thinking they can engage them in conversation because this is their right. In addition, the secretary can have more than one boss demanding their work be completed first before other members to whom the secretary works for.

The secretary has no freedom to choose, no option to decide what will be done when and expected to complete the task flawlessly despite the constant interruptions either by phone, or others thinking a secretary should engage them in social dribble at their beckoning.

The Least Stressful Job
 The least stressful jobs arguably, then, are those jobs where you have control, or some control, over what tasks need to be done first, and where interruptions are able to be kept to a minimum because you either have an office, or you are viewed by colleagues as too busy and too important to be interrupted for frivolous reasons.

You are able to set your priorities on a more frequent basis, are able to set aside time uninterrupted so full concentration can be brought to bear, and are able to negotiate some tasks with your own boss.

Another Thought
 Another option for the least stressful job is one where you are in absolute control, for example, when you run your own business, or, better still, run your own home-based business. I'm not suggesting, though, that owning your own business is stress-free. But, what I am saying is that depending on what you choose as a business can be less stressful than working for someone else.

Owning your own business means that you have the option of choosing what you like to do. For example, if you enjoy working outside and tending gardens you may choose to own a landscaping business, but you certainly wouldn't choose to own a janitorial business, or a business that sees you confined to sitting behind your desk all day.

The other notion in less stress jobs is part and parcel of your own expectations. Some people are absolute perfectionists. They are never satisfied with their own work unless it is perfect, and they are constantly disappointed by the work of others if their work doesn't meet their own personal criteria for perfect. In other words, you are your own worst enemy because you create stress by unreasonable expectations.

The Perfect Job
Is there a perfect job? No. Every job has some stress. The secret to the least stressful jobs available is to know yourself, change yourself, educate yourself, and work towards a job where you are more in control.

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