Without Wanting

Being in love brings feelings of joy and of fear. These two short poems written by Poet: express both of these emotions.
Short Love Poems

Without Wanting

Poet: Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

My life without you would be hopeless,
I know you don't want to agree.

But without you I wouldn't know where I was going,
You help me to look hard and see.

You love me without even wanting,
It comes so easy to you.

I love that you love me without needing,
But I must say I love you, so true!

Do You Love Me
Poet: Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

How do I know if you love me,
Will you just come out and say so?

I wish I could see them, but the signs aren't gleaming,
And it's hard to know if you're my beau.

I really need to find out,
If the love that I feel is shared,

So here I go now, to confront my love,
And see if we'll always be paired.

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