Trapped and Stressed

A Short Story
Trapped and Stressed!


Aron had a passion for hiking and mountain climbing. Setting off on one of his many hiking trips, he encounters tremendous stress when his arm gets trapped between several rocks. The rocks are unmovable. Although he tried many different ways to try and get his arm out from under the rocks, he couldn't do it.

Imagine the stress you would feel, if for six days, you remained trapped, running out food and water.

Fearing he would die alone in the mountains, he never stopped taking action to get himself out from under the rocks.

His story is very inspirational and shows no matter how stressed you are, taking action, rather than doing nothing, does work. Aron could have sat and did nothing about his situation, but he probably would have died.

After many, attempts to free himself, he ended up amputating his own arm. His story doesn't end there. He must then face the struggles of hospital stays, and operations, and resume life with only one arm.

Overall, a very traumatic experience, but Aron didn't feel sorry for himself. He has continually moved forward and has written a book about his experience, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

The next time you are feeling stressed, think about Aron and the stress he must have felt. Let him be an example of how taking action helps deal with stress!

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