To Win or To Lose in Life

Encouragement Poems

To Win or To Lose in Life

To win you will have perseverance
To lose you give up easily.

To win you will have passion for what you do
To lose you would rather be doing something else.

To win you believe in yourself
To lose you constantly doubt yourself.

To win you make the decisions and do it
To lose you are wishy-washy, never fully committing.

To win you have enthusiasm for what you do
To lose you are mediocre and not excitable.

To win you demonstrate optimism by find solutions
To lose you can only see the problems.

To win you have focus, you keep moving forward
To lose you are all over the map, stepping back more than forward.

To win you take the risks
To lose you are risk adverse.

To win you overcome the challenges presented
To lose you let the challenges overcome you.

To win you demonstrate a positive attitude, seeing the good
To lose you demonstrate a negative attitude.

To win you find the opportunities
To lose you wait for the opportunity.

To win you use your time efficiently and effectively
To lose you procrastinate.

To win you set your goals, you take action, you set deadlines
To lose you think about it but never set concrete plans.

To win in life you choose your attitude
To lose in life you also choose your attitude.

Be a winner in life!

Short Quotes to Encourage

To me, true prosperity begins with feeling good about yourself. It is also the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. It is never an amount of money; it is a state of mind. Prosperity or lack of it is an outer expression of the ideas in your head. Louise L. Hay

It is one of the worst effects of prosperity to make a man a vortex instead of a fountain; so that, instead of throwing out, he learns only to draw in. Henry Ward Beecher, Life Thoughts

If people would reflect that one can only do one thing at a time and therefore there is never more than one thing to do at a time, there would be less fatigue in the world. Emmet Fox, Make Your Life Worth While

When you go for a walk, take seeds with you, poppies, rainbow chard, rocket. Plant them among the weeds in patches of wasteland. See what happens. Tom Hodgkinson, How To Be Free

When you change the way you process the world, the world you're processing changes. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Being in Balance

The highest form of wisdom is kindness The Talmud

The truest wisdom is a resolute determination. Napoleon Bonaparte

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. Sandra Carey

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