A short poem for reflection, Transition, is one that the poet, Dorothy Parker, reflects on the seasons of the year and the transitions from one season to another. You may also enjoy the short story by Byron Pulsifer about another form of transition. No matter what transition you are going through we hope the words in this poetry and writing are ones that inspire you.
A Short Poem

Poet: Dorothy Parker

Too long and quickly have I lived to vow
The woe that stretches me shall never wane,
Too often seen the end of endless pain
To swear that peace no more shall cool my brow.
I know, I know- again the shriveled bough
Will burgeon sweetly in the gentle rain,
And these hard lands be quivering with grain-
I tell you only: it is Winter now.

What if I know, before the Summer goes
Where dwelt this bitter frenzy shall be rest?
What is it now, that June shall surely bring
New promise, with the swallow and the rose?
My heart is water, that I first must breast
The terrible, slow loveliness of Spring.

A Short Story
A Cabin of Transition

By Byron Pulsifer, 2007

It wasn't that I had yearned for those days where you could wander through untouched forests, or sit by a brook made picturesque by its natural state. It wasn't that I hadn't often been in the woods over the years to smell its fragrance, or watch quietly its creatures go about their daily business with zeal. But, what made me turn to this cabin, or in some terms a cottage, was the opportunity to give it re-birth; to turn this unsightly, untended structure into a home that would offer comfort and an unhurried posture within its walls. A home that begged simplicity in what was said, and who would be allowed to enter.

In reality, I had been through the "climb the ladder" syndrome with all of its glass towers, power meetings, and rubbing shoulders with the power elite. While at first it was exciting, indeed a buzz for the ego, I soon became aware that what many had aspired to was full of false promises, convenient here today gone tomorrow friendships and a life filled with phoniness. It was a life that had no substance.

The cabin soon became a resting spot where the transition from the big city and its hurried ways could grow at a more leisurely pace. To force change, to pretend that the remnants of stressors would disappear quickly was to be the fool. Any complete transition to a more simplistic life would come only when the door was completely closed, and a new door opened. This transition would only be complete when there was no return available back to the corporate world. It wouldn't be enough just to come to the cabin on weekends or holidays - such thoughts were merely attempts to cloud reality. The cabin became more than a chance to hone my renovation skills; it became my haven for serious reflection, and a commitment to change the course of my life. Everything that was built, repaired, or re-built was done with basic power tools using my own labour and time. After all, I realized that if the transition were to take place for real, there would be sacrifices to make. There would be no available money to hire work done unless it was too dangerous to do otherwise - like wire to the electrical panel. I knew I could do most renovations, but certain tasks are best left to those who have the specific qualifications.

The on-going work at the cabin soon lead me to make the final break; a total break from the corporate world to venture out on my own. I resigned my position to start my own business. Were there self-doubts? You bet. Were there days when I wished I were back in my previous little cocoon where paychecks came with regularity and tasks were routine and therefore simple? For sure. But, what made the road ahead doable was the strong commitment to my goal. A goal of a simpler life where each day was lived to the fullest with great enjoyment gained by experiencing the little things, the simple things. The cabin is gone now having been replaced with a country home. But, what the cabin meant is forever part of my new and simpler life.

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