Setting our Goals for a Simpler Lifestyle

Simplicity Story
Setting our Goals for a Simpler Lifestyle


We are often asked how did we do it, leave our nifty jobs, the security of a steady paycheck and move across the country to find a simpler way of life. While there are many answers to these questions, the one thing that we did do is "set our goals". Byron and I are both big believers in goal setting, and have used goals in many areas of our life.

How did we set our goals? We answered three questions! Below is a brief summary of how to set goals: On a separate piece of paper, answer these three questions:
1.What three things would I like to achieve in the next five years? - Make sure your answers are specific and measurable.

2. Where am I today in relation to my three goals, and what actions do I need to take to get me from where I am today to where I want to be? - This question, in my opinion, is the key to successful goal attainment: The answer to this question will help you determine what steps you need to take to reach your goal.

3. What is the time frame required in order to complete each action step? - Putting time frames for each action step allows you to monitor your progress, and helps to keep you on track.

That's itů.three questions, but often times there is confusion between goals and action plans. Let's make an important distinction between a goal and an action plan.

Simply put, a "goal" tells you WHAT you want ; and, an "action plan" tells you HOW you are going to get it.

Our goal to "simplify our life" had a time frame of 5 years, however, due to unexpected delays it ended up taking us 8 years. There were setbacks that we did not anticipate, but we were determined and very persistent to reach our goal to change our lifestyle to one of simplicity. Each time we were faced with a setback, we would go back and readjust our action plans, but the most important thing that we did is that we never lost sight of our end goal.

Today, we have achieved our goal of a simpler lifestyle, of stress relief. Our hope in sharing this information is that you will set your goals and never lose sight of your end goal.

If you have determination and persistance you will reach it!

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