Reverse Your Polarity

by Byron Pulsifer, 2007. Enjoy this motivational short story which hopefully will give you ideas for stress relief. Electrons flow from negative to positive; this is a fact. Unfortunately, far too many people, far too often, flow from positive to negative. It's so easy to do that we can all, at some point in our lives, be caught focusing on the negatives.

So, how do you reverse your polarity to flow to the positive?

The importance of looking for the positive in negative situations may take some practice, but it is possible.

Take losing your job, for example. Definitely a problem, unless you just happened to win the lottery. But, this event isn't the worse thing that could have happened to you. You could have a health issue that totally prevents you from ever working again.

The next step on your way to turning a negative, like losing your job, to a positive is to ask yourself a question: are there lessons I can learn from this experience? If you lost your job because of downsizing, or company bankruptcy, for example, you probably have transferable skills that are in demand in other work environments. Every job has many components and it is these other components that embody related skills that can land you another position. Are there other employers looking for the same skills, or, can you take an up-grading course that could land you an even better job?

The positive in losing your job may be the catalyst you needed to search for that job you've always wanted but put off because you didn't want to bother changing location. Now is your chance. There's no need to sit and brood, what good is that going to do? None.

The next question relates to the above. It's time to ask yourself what you're going to do about it? Simple. Start looking. How do you go about searching for another position?

You can scour the newspapers, write a resume and put it on the Internet, check Internet job banks, talk to your friends, relatives, or club members to see if they know about any positions that are not advertised.

Not all positions are advertised, so use this knowledge and hit the pavement with resume in hand. Visit employers in your area that you want to work for even if they don't have an advertised job listing.

Electrons flow from negative to positive and so can you.
You have the ability to choose -
choose the positive.

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