Is There Really A Santa

The question, is there really a santa, is a one which is asked by many children. But what about the adults, do you believe in the jolly old man? Consider the verses in this short poem before you answer the question.

Is There Really A Santa

by , (c) 2011

Holiday season is coming,
The music and decorations give it away,
I do love to see that it's upon us,
I can't wait to see Santa's Sleigh.

I know that I'm not a child,
But I can't help to wonder the truth,
Is Santa really among us?
The answer would be yes among the youth.

The thought of him and his reindeer,
Flying through the nights sky,
Makes me feel as if I saw the twinkle,
Coming from Santa's right eye.

So what if I'm an adult,
Adults can believe in Santa too.
I've decided that no matter what happens,
I will always believe that Santa’s true!

Is Santa only for kids. My answer is no, what keeps Santa alive is the magic of believing. Santa you see is not just the man himself, nor the reindeers, but the spirit of him. And like everything else you either believe or you don't. So this Christmas be like the child who is so excited, let the joy and happiness of the season be within you!

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