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Find a kindness poem to encourage being kind. World Kindness Day is November 13, 2019. Our world needs more kindness displayed and what a different place it would be if people were more generous, compassionate and kind.

Small acts of kindness can be done every day. It could be as simple as opening a door, a good morning, a smile, a kind word. Spread more kindness in your life and you will find it will come back to you.

Share one of these inspirational poems with others to remind them how kindness can change our world.

a kindness poem to remind us to watch our words

Kind Words
Poet: John McLeod ©

Kind words are such a blessing to the needful,
If one but knew the pleasure that they bring

To turn the sadness of a dark day's Winter
Into the glowing life and hope of Spring.

A freely given smile is seed well planted
For when the days of giving are quite gone,

One reaps the ripened harvest of a life-time
And smiling, steps to meet the bright new dawn!

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Seeds of Kindness
Poem written by Walt Mason

Then scatter seeds of kindness, I heard a pilgrim sing;
and then, with human blindness he scattered t'other thing.
He scattered seeds of sorrow, complaining at his lot;
and they will grow tomorrow, and thrive where he has wrought.

How often we have sent it, from thoughtless lips, that song!
And if we only neant it, 'twould help the world along.
We drone a noble anthem in to the weeping night;
We learn our hymns and hange as cultured parrots might;

We deal in stately phrases, and heed not what they mean;
We roam through wordy mazes, and prize things for their sheen;
We dish up truth in thimbles, and platitiudes in mass;
And all is tinkling cymbals, and all is sounding brass.

In careless words we riot, and life would be sore
If tongues would but be quiet, and the the heart say more.

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Poet:  Chas. R. Skinner

If you have kind words to say,
Say them now.
Tomorrow may not come your way
Do a kindness while you may,
Loved ones will not always stay;
Say them now.

If you have a smile to show,
Show it now.
Make hearts happy, roses grow,
Let the friends around you know
The love you have before they go,
Show it now.

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kindness poem about how being kind helps

Kindness and Honesty
Poem written by Juanita Roach

Kindness helps make you loving and good,
Kindness helps make you do what you should.

Honesty helps make you what you should be,
From the time you're a baby until eternity.

And if you are both honest and kind,
You'll be welcomed and loved most all of the time.

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Poem by Edgar A. Guest

One never knows
How far a word of kindness goes;
One never sees
How far a smile of friendship flees.
Down, through the years,
The deed forgotten reappears.

One kindly word
The souls of many here has stirred.
Man goes his way
And tells with every passing day,
Until life's end:
'Once unto me he played the friend.'

We cannot say
What lips are praising us to-day.
We cannot tell
Whose prayers ask God to guard us well.
But kindness lives
Beyond the memory of him who gives

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Kind Words Never Die
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Harsh and imprudent words,
Makes many devoted cry.
Let our speech be kind and gentle
Kind words never die.

Absurd and profane language.
We should all deny.
And speak refined and mild language,
Kind words never die.

With careful thoughts and devoted hearts.
Our tongue we should defy.
Against a wo"d of abuse or slander,
Kinds words never die.

Love is sweet to the heart.
Dignity is beautiful to the eye,
Pleasant words is friendship bliss,
Kinds words never die.

Abusr-e' words often make.
Temptations in our bosom fly:
Wisdom reflects and ask forgiveness,
Kind words never die.

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Kindness Poem
Poem by W.J.M.

Scarce the honey-dew of kindness;
Priceless is the balm of love;
Life-long joy a look oft giveth;
Endless pain when we reprove.

Gentle words and kindly manners
Cast no more than acts of scorn;
Gain true friends and life is richer,
Making men seem heaven-born.

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Be Kind To Animals
They have no voice to ask us
For the pity which they need
With shame they cannot task us
How're their hearts may bleed....
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We hope you have found a kindness poem or quote that expresses a thought or words that you will share with others.

Practice being kind and happiness you will find!

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