Prince Edward Island Quotes

"Canada was Born Here."
Canada's Birthplace

"Prince Edward Island is blessed with miles of sandy beaches, fringing the garden province with colorful stretches of white, champagne, pink and red beaches."
Carol Horne

"It's an adventure in history, plus so much more."

".... PEI has recently been rated by the readers of Score Magazine as "Canada's Best Golf Destination."

"Come Play on Our Island."

"Get over it."
Confederation Bridge

"a Great Place to Park!"
PEI Parks

"OVER THE YEARS WE HAVE learned that to truly appreciate Prince Edward Island we have had to find the roads less travelled, where we slow down and admire the cobalt-blue sky and smell the fresh-mown grass."
Dave Stephens and Susan Randles

"The Natural Alternative."
Eastern Prince Edward Island

"Music you can hear with your heart."
Indian River Festival

"Atlantic Canada's favorite beach for more than a century."
Beach Cavendish

"Another jewel in Prince Edward Island's Crown."
Kensington Water Gardens

"Canvendish's best kept secret."
Cavendish Maples

"Avonlea, Village of Anne of Green Gables. Live the Story!"
Avonlea, Village of Anne of Green Gables

"Summerside...connecting our past with our future."

"Nature and technology in perfect harmony."
North Cape, PEI

"This wonderful family classic tells the poignant and funny story of a freckle-faced, red-haired orphan named Anne Shirley, who arrives at the Bright River Railway Station, full of hope for a new life."
Anne of Green Gables, the musical

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