Motivational Stories

Story telling is done using many different methods, poetry is just another way to get your message across.

Below is an example of a motivational story told in poem form. Read this wonderful short poem by John McLeod and see if you see the motivation in it.

And Tall The Time-Piece
Poet: John McLeod, © 1989

And tall the time-piece stood against the old stone wall
Marking each passing second with a gentle beat
Of tick-tock heart, he stood to guard the panelled hall
And parquet floor that stretched away beneath his feet.
Children had filled the house with laughter, once upon. . .
Oh, long ago, when he was in his prime,
But now the childish glee, the footsteps, all were gone,
Alone he stood, recording the passing time.

Only the little cat came by to greet him now,
Sad, when one grows to age, to greet each dawn
And hope for a passing cheery soft meow. . .
Old Father Time keeps rolling on. . .
And yet he was content and wore a gentle smile
Of kindliness upon his time-worn face,
And somehow I was cheered to see his wise old dial . . .
He knew the world,
yet also knew his place!

For us, this poetry reminds us of how time passes.

And, with the passing of time comes change. Doesn't matter what the circumstance change happens with time, whether it is personal change, family change or overall life changing events that occur.

The message we also read is how with time comes wisdom.

The Sign Read
Poet: John McLeod

The sign so simply read

The thought inspired a chuckle
And filled my heart with cheer
Especially as they'd left
A handy lifebelt hanging near!!

The Poet, John McLeod, himself was disabled, but he enjoyed the humor of the sign and it made him laugh. The motivation for us in this poem or story was you have to laugh at things in life!

Feel Humble
Poet: John McLeod (c)1971

Even a king can look at a flower
And feel humble….
Likewise, were I a two-fold being,
I could look at the stars
Turn around
And find myself
Too insignificant to see.

No matter who you are - rich or poor - when you look around at the universe and all the wonders in it we should all be humbled!

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