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Enjoy our archive; filled with condensed stories that are inspirational and encouraging. Reading other peoples stories, tales, thoughts, and messages, can sometimes add a positive and encouraging thought to our day.

Past inspirational short stories of the month to inspire and encourage you:
Ideal Environment Means Adaptation - There are always changes in life. No matter who you are
When Dreams Get Shattered - Picking Up the Pieces
Happiness and Work - Your Life Depends On It
I'm Always Busy - I decided to finally clean out the shed in our back yard.
Trapped and Stressed - Aron had a passion for hiking and mountain climbing
Life is a Do-It-Yourself Project - A nifty story about an elderly carpenter was ready to retire.
Life, The Greatest Ride of All - Life is the greatest roller coaster ride we will ever take.
What is the Most Important Body Part - My mother used to ask me
Life is Not a Hardship To Be Endured - Life is always here, ready to teach us a "special" lesson
The Power of Words - A group of frogs were traveling through the woods
Oops I Did it Again - I tried to cram too many projects into too little time.
What do You Perceive - as the Seven Wonders of the World?
Our Lives in Money - A well-known speaker started off his seminar
My Story - - We all have a story, the difference is ...
A Car Accident…then came Success - Have you ever wondered how some of the worst things
Changing Lifestyles - We stood in the kitchen talking.
Motivational Stories - Features motivational messages and stories to help reduce your stress and motivate you.
Each Day Is A Gift - a story of an elder lady who now at the end of her life has more than her share of challenges
A Thought from A Crafter
Enjoy this short poem written about doing crafts. Anyone who is in the business can relate to the words of the poet

Simple Living
Our journey to simple living has been a a lifestyle change. Here you will find featured short poems, stories or thoughts on ways we and others are living a simple life.
Desire Equal Simplicity - Is it a need or a must, let the thoughts in this short poem and story about a couples need give you words to reflect upon.
Transition - A short poem for reflection, you may also enjoy the short story by Byron Pulsifer about another form of transition
Accept A Life of Simplicity - Have you ever thought about a simpler life. This short poem expresses the Poets thoughts on accepting a life of simplicity.
Mid-Life Ramblings - The Layers, a short poem written by Poet, Stanley Kunitz reflects on midlife years. We hope you enjoy the wisdom the verses offer. Throughout one's life, there are many times that reflections of things to come, or change to be made are prevalent
Country Living -This short poem on Country Living discusses the Poets thoughts on living in the country, on leaving the city for a different life.
Verses about Changing - Verses about changing to inspire you to embrace change.
Simplify Your Life - There are many ways to simplify your life, read about one simple one we found.
8 Cooking Tips from Mum - A short poem about Kitchens, and a short article on 8 cooking tips from Mum for you to enjoy
Simply Simplicity - Our lives today become to rushed, to hurried. Enjoy this short poem about simply simplicity.
Downsizing Means - Read the verses in this poetry about our thoughts on the new meaning of downsizing to us.
To Me The Farm Is - The Poet describes his feelings on how he sees his farm.
A Plain Life - The last verse of the poetry says it all, "....teach me to be happy with the least."
Ceremonies for Christmas - Short verses recall celebrations that mark Christmas
The Exposed Nest - A short poem written by the famous poet Robert Frost.
Simple Living Means - A short verse written by Catherine Pulsifer about what simple living means
How Much Money - A short poem about asking for money for a wedding gift rather than an item
Be Grateful - Verses that express the basic thought of simply be thankful
Hard Luck - Poet, Edgar Guest, is telling us to stop whining in this short poem.
Winter Time - A short poem about the cold weather written by Poet Robert Louis Stevenson.
Wash Day - For years, wash day meant taking the dirty laundry throwing it in the washer and then into the dryer.
What Are My Priorities - Priorities, just trying to determine them can at times bring stress. Find stress relief in this thought and in our favorite quote about setting priorities.
Clutter? -It is amazing how we can accumulate things that we think we need, yet, we never use!
Setting our Goals for a Simpler Lifestyle - We are often asked how did we do it, leave our jobs, the security of a steady paycheck.
Simpler Life Everyday - The difference between living a simpler life than one of constant stress.

One Can Make A Poem….
Poet: Jaymac, © 1990

One can make a poem out of anything,
Once when I was little (before I was big that is),
(Well I really wasn't that little, - but what I
mean is, before I really was as big as I am now)….
Well anyway, before I was big
I wrote a little poem about what it would be like
To be big.
As it turned out the little poem became a very big poem
Just like this one!

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