My Life is a Bowl

Enjoy this short love poem written by poet, May Riley Smith. While the poetry is short it does express the feelings of love for that special person.

A Short Love Poem

My Life is a Bowl
Poet May Riley Smith

My life is a bowl which is mine to brim
With loveliness old and new.
So I fill its clay from stem to rim
With you, dear heart,
With you.

My life is a pool which can only hold
One star and a glimpse of blue.
But the blue and the little lamp of gold
Are you, dear heart,
Are you.

My life is a homing bird that flies
Through the starry dusk and dew
Home to the heaven of your true eyes,
Home, dear heart,
To you.

More words from May Riley Smith:
"Life's sweetest joys are hidden in unsubstantial things."
May Riley Smith

"God's plans, like lilies pure and white, unfold; we must not tear the close-shut leaves apart; time will reveal the calyxes of gold."
May Riley Smith

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