Funny Birthday Poems

The poetry here reflects thoughts on age, on birthdays, and on life. Poems that are short but ones that relate to getting older and living each day. We can't stop the aging process so we might as well laugh and celebrate!

Short Birthday Poems
To Make You Smile:

Stressed by Age - Wise words that will make you smile.

Aging Advice - Share this with someone who is celebrating a birthday!

Growing - Growing old, could be considered one which describes how others see us as we age, or it could be as we grow older it is how we see ourself!

Your Thirty - Know someone who is turning 30, then send them this short poem to make them smile as they hit this magical age.

Another Year Older - Share with a man who is turning another year older

Celebrate - A birthday is certainly a time to celebrate. Here find two poems that you can use to mark the special day.

Fess Up about Your Age - Great poetry to use in a birthday card about ageing.

Short Birthday Quotes:

"You are only as old as you feel."

Some of us are young and feel old, and some of us are older but feel young. We hope the poems here make you smile and remind you not to take age to seriously.

"Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics show that the people
who have the most live the longest." Larry Lorenzoni

There is a verse that we love, it goes like this:
I may be gettng old,
but I am not old yet!

A good verse to remember as each year passes by.

More Poems

By , (c) 2011

I'm to young to be this old
It is like catching a cold
It happens before you know
The years fly by and then your old.

But life is to be live each day
Never stop learning
Keep busy
Find a laugh
And life will be the best.

Older We Get
By: Catherine Pulsifer, (c) 2011

The older we get
The more we forget
But who cares
Only those who dare
To have that facelift
And then be miffed!

Happy Birthday Aging Song
Poet: Julie Hebert, (c) 2011

Happy birthday to you,
We know you feel blue.
It's time to get over it . . . .
There's nothing you can do!

We all eventually get old,
And it all feels foretold.
But aging can be good . . . .
Just take a look at mold!

So what if winkles come,
And your mind often feels dumb.
Don't worry about the hair loss . . . .
Your head will soon feel numb.

All joking aside,
We now must abide,
And sing happy birthday to you. . . . .
We all must now hide!

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