A Father Is

Fathers Day Poems

A Father Is
Poet: Kate Summers, ©2011

A Father is many things but my Father is:
Faith in me and my abilities
Awesome that describes you
Taught me lots and still teaching me
Helping that is what you always do
Enthusiastic in all you do
Receptive and supportive

I've Been Blessed
Poet: Unknown

I've been blessed twice, to call you my Dad
for which I am glad
and to call you a friend
whose love never ends.
Thanks for being you
I love you that's true!

Short Quotes

Dad you are:
D ashing
A wesome
D edicated

no matter how tall I grow
I will always look up to you!

thanks for all you've done
thanks for all you do.

You're the best
You're better than the rest
So I want to say
I love you every day.
B. Rivers

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