Desire Equals Simplicity

Is it a need or a must, let the thoughts in this short poem and story about a couples need give you words to reflect upon. We hope you find the verses in the poetry ones that will leave you with the question of a want or a need.

Simplicity Short Poem and Story
Desire Equals Simplicity

by Byron Pulsifer, 2007

A desire or a need
A thought or a must
A want is a nice to have
A need is a must

Simplicity is
Not doing without
But not have it all
A balance between both

Is the new car really a need or is it just a want? If you purchase a brand new car, as soon as you drive it off the lot, you are immediately losing several thousands of dollars. However, if you purchased a used vehicle just a few years old, you would save several thousands of dollars and still have a reliable car. There are plenty of used cars available only a couple of years old, with low mileage or kilometers, and with remaining warranty. Why? Because, these cars are available from people who bought into the concept of desire rather than need.

In our case, for example, we needed a reliable four-wheel drive vehicle because we live in a snow bound winter region in the country. Many times, the roads are treacherous at the best of times, and even more so with major storms. Instead of purchasing a new four-wheel drive, we found a used vehicle, four years old, with only 56,000 kilometers on it. The original owner traded it in for a brand new model even though this vehicle was like new.

The next time you consider buying anything, sit back for a few days, or weeks, and ask yourself whether your anticipated purchase is a genuine need, or is it simply a want. If it is a need, consider whether there are options for buying used, or, if it can't be purchased used, one that has fewer bells and whistles but can still do the job.

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