Simplicity Story


It is amazing how we can accumulate things that we think are neat to keep, or we need, yet, we never use!

A good example of this was our last move to our house in Mississauga. We lived there for seven years, and during that time there were boxes in our basement that we never unpacked. These boxes contained treasures that I felt I might someday use. Every time I went to the basement, I would look at those boxes and think, I should go through them. This resulted in not only cluttering of our home, but also cluttering of my mind - just one more thing to do.

When we moved to New Brunswick, I vowed to myself that we would not have any boxes left unpacked. Every box would be opened and unpacked. The so-called treasures would be discovered and used. Clothes that no longer fit us, or that we had grown tired of, would be gone given to the Salvation Army. We would only have the items that we use on a regular basis in our house. No more collecting, storing, and "someday I may use it" attitude!

So every box was unpacked, and we found we had duplicates of some items; we had items that we had replaced, and we had junk that we no longer wanted.

We sorted all the items and got rid of it all! Here is how:

1. Family and friends - we invited our family and friends to go through and take the items we no longer wanted.
2. Ebay - we sold items that were easy to ship, for example, books. We made a few dollars doing this!
3. Salvation Army - gladly took donations of household items, clothes and books.
4. Yard Sale - they say "one man's junk is another's treasure", how very true

We now have fewer belongings, yet it seems like we have more because what we do have gets used! We have adopted a new attitude. Before we buy, we ask ourselves, do we really need this, or do we just want this? It is amazing how much stuff you want but do not need!

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