Christmas Wishes

You can use this poetry in your greeting cards or seasonal letters to family and friends. Our first wish to you is to have a happy and joyous Christmas season. We hope you enjoy the short verses.

A Short Christmas Poem

Christmas Wishes

Poet: , 2012

I have a Christmas wish,
And this wish is just for you.
I wish for only happiness,
To come and be with you.

I wish that you will never know,
How unhappiness feels.
I wish that love will come your way,
And you'll fall head over heels.

I have a Christmas wish,
And I hope it does come true.
I wish for you to see all things,
The way that I see you.

I see you as a whole,
The wonderful person you are.
You're kind, considerate and caring,
You are my shinning star.

I have a Christmas wish,
But this one I must not say,
As for wishes to come true,
I must not say it no matter the day.

As for my other wishes,
I'm not worried that they've been told.
I know you're a wonderful person,
And these wishes will be yours, as you grow old.

A merry, merry Christmas to YOU!

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